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Our story....your story

So you want to hear our story? 

Well its full of all the drama, emotions and action of any Hollywood or Bollywood Blockbuster.

A husband and wife team who happened to stumble upon this journey without any resources, funds or experience in sales. Despite everything that we lacked in, we had the dedication and love that is required to nurture and grow a business. This has been more of a journey for us than for Zafoorah as we have grown and learnt so much along the way.

Our story began with very humble beginnings. In one room actually. We started with just one item listed on eBay with no plans of ever becoming a brand name or an online retailer of electronic accessories. We would hand write the addresses of our customers and pick out the item from a small cardboard box. We would then walk to the post office and proudly buy a stamp for these orders and pop them in a postbox. When we started receiving lots of orders we would bulk buy stamps them take all the packed orders and pop them into any post box we could find near our house. We managed to fill up atleast 3 or 4. That is until we were stopped by the local postman, who very kindly informed us that Royal Mail do a collection service and that he finds it very difficult to empty all these postboxes that we were filling up!

Fast forward 6 years and we are a limited company with a huge range of items, a website, a Facebook page and best of all… we no longer have to hand write customer addresses anymore :) You will be surprised to hear that the two of us are still involved with every single part of the business. We design and list all our items ourselves. We even order, pick and pack them too. We are a part of all the non-technical and technical aspects of this business as we wish to know the ins and outs of every process involved. This helps us to improve and adapt to the needs and wishes of our valued customers. We respond to every single email that we receive and your satisfaction is all that matters to us.

After all…it is not about us…it is about YOU! YOU are what makes us what we are today.